Checklist before buying a house

We have made a list of things that should be considered carefully before buying a property. We recommend that in addition to this list you take some time to think about your personal preferences for the house, to ensure that the property might also  be a good investment far into the future too.


What's the purpose of the property? Will it be a holiday home or a permanent one? Or is it simply an investment that is hoped to achieve a profit? Or something else? These are essential  questions that shouldn't be ignored or rushed. 


There are many types of houses in the market: bungalows, apartment houses, terraced houses, detached houses, each with its own benefits. Also it's worth considering whether the urbanization is a gated/private one, or not. Safety is a vital matter when being abroad too, especially if expensive goods are acquired for the property. What kind of a property would you prefer?


It's important to give a reasonable amount of thought to the location of the property. It can be a good idea to rent a house in a target area and also to talk to the neighbours to see if their opinion of the area matches the one in one's mind. For families or single people there could be different priorities, and we can be of help when specifying the characteristics of every neighbourhood. 

The distance to the sea is something to be considered carefully. Is proximity to the sea the first priority or would it be more important, for example, to be near public transport routes or local schools? The location will also determine the need for a car. In some areas public transportation is more available and easily-accessed than in others, and some are more suitable for walking and cycling around rather than having a car. Taxis are a reasonably priced option in Spain, but in some cases a rental or privately owned car can be the best option. What would be your preferences in these matters?


What is the size of an apartment that you would need? In Spain it might be possible to settle with fewer square metres and make more use of the outdoor area of the house. Due to the mild climate and low rainfall it is possible to enjoy roof terraces and balconies all year round.

Do you want to invest in some extra space? Are you planning to have a study room, a guest room, a storage room or a garage? Or do you prefer to have a yard instead or a nice roof terrace? Should the apartment be situated on one floor or do you prefer several floors? How many bedrooms or bathrooms do you need? Do you prefer a busy neighborhood or a peaceful one? There are also several options when it comes to having a pool. Would it be more convenient to have a private pool or would a communal pool be a better option?


Do you want to drink your morning coffee on a sunny terrace or is it more important to enjoy the sunset in the evening? This orientation could be dependent on what use the property is purchased for. If it's purely meant for holiday use, it's probably desirable to have as much sun as possible. If the property is meant for a permanent home, it can be a better option to have more shade, especially during the hot summer months. This orientation will clearly affect the energy efficiency and the possibility of using natural solar energy.


Prices of the properties vary widely in the Costa Blanca. It's helpful to calculate in advance what your budget would be. It's also important to keep in mind, that in every property purchase there will be extra costs of 12–15 %. 


The best bargains in Costa Blanca are sold rapidly. If you have an interesting property in mind or know when would be the right time for you to buy, don't hesitate to contact us to find the best solution!

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