Camiro Grupo Internacional sell apartments at the best market prices in Costa Blanca South. Our company is an expert in the field of real estate, and we have a customer-oriented approach in doing business and in all our operations. We offer unique quality apartments that are fantastic value for money.

We analyse your specific needs and offer you the right apartments to you from our very wide selection, covering hundreds of apartments. Please notice that only a fraction of all the apartments that we sell are on display on our website. We also offer a very wide selection of new-build properties in the area.

In order to serve you in the best possible way, we need to know your specific needs and what your dream house is like. Our company supports you in all matters concerning the residential sale process. We look forward to you contacting  us so we can offer you an apartment that meets your specific needs.


Like in any country, in Spain there are certain unique practices in property trading that foreigners may be unfamiliar with. For example, the effective floor area is stated in a different manner. Apartments situated in the ground floor are 0-floor, and from there on the floors are numbered. The number of bedrooms is always highlighted. If you are looking for a two-room apartment, keep an eye out for studios. On our website we declare the square metres of the apartments based on the information given by the owner. It is clearly stated, whether they are usable square metres or gross square metres.

There may be only minor differences between apartment types in their classification. The type of apartment is defined by the owner. The commonly used descriptors in Spain are also used on our website:

  • Atico is an apartment situated in the highest floor
  • Bungalow usually means one or one and a half storey small house or a terraced house with one or more covered porches
  • Duplex is usually a two-storey apartment
  • Four-leaf clover apartment is an attached part of a cluster of four apartments
  • Townhouse is a detached city house or a terraced house in an urban area
  • Villa, or chalet, is a detached house. We use the name Villa on our website.


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